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  • Are you up for some Queenstown adventure?
  • Wondering what things you’d like to do during your stay in Queenstown?
  • How about soaring majestically through the skies like an eagle, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views? Experience Queenstown’s fantastic views with one of the best activities!
  • Choose Coronet Peak Tandems for your Queenstown Paragliding and/or Tandem Hang Gliding adventure.
  • The most experienced dual tandem paragliding and hang gliding company in New Zealand where your safety absolutely comes first.
  • CAA Part 115 approved operator.
  • Fly with champion Angus Tapper or one of our fully licensed and highly experienced tandem pilots.
  • Enjoy an exciting adrenalin pumping thrill ride or a gentle scenic flight off the highest take off in Queenstown.

Check out our Tandem options:

Summer Tandems (October – May)
Winter Tandems (June – September)

Inside NZ call free 0800 46 7325 (0800 GO PEAK)
or 021 826336 (021 TANDEM)
From overseas call +64 21 826336

36 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Cheuk Lam Yu,
      Many thanks for your interest in coming flying with us.
      Allow about 2 hours for the round trip from Queenstown/back to Queenstown.
      Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding and Hang gliding

    • Hi Renae,
      Many thanks for your message. We are working more on weight and height. Minimum weight for paragliding and hang gliding is 20kg. The minimum height is 80cm. For paragliding the maximum weight is 110kg and for hang gliding it is 90kg.

  1. Hi i and my husband we’re planning to paraglide. I just wanted to know if there is any weight restrictions to paraglide?

    • Hi Janki,
      Our weight restrictions are stated in the Question and Answer section on our website. It is 110kg maximum (body weight plus clothing and shoes) for paragliding and 90kg for hang gliding.
      Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding and Hang gliding

    • Great to hear you had a great time hang gliding with Andy, bhargavatanu.
      I have passed on your kind words.
      Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding and Hang gliding

    • Hi Andy,
      Sorry, our maximum weight for paragliding is 110kg (body weight plus clothing and shoes) and 90kg for hang gliding. We cannot add an extra wing to fly.
      Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandems

  2. Hi there,
    We are looking into booking paragliding in early February when visiting Q town. What is the minimum age for flying? Our daughter is 5.5 y old and very keen on trying.


    • Hi Olivera,
      Many thanks for your message. We do not have a minimum weight for paragliding. We work more on weight. The minimum weight is 20kg. If your daughter is above that and we can secure her safely in one of our kids harnesses then it is all good for her to go paragliding.
      Gitti Tapper

      • Hi Cheuk Lam Yu,
        Many thanks for your interest in our hang gliding. During the winter months we are only paragliding. Check out the amazing winter tandem paraglding shots and videos on our Winter Tandems page.
        Gitti Tapper

  3. My friend Doug and I did paragliding on a gorgeous day in October, 2017. It was an amazing experience! Thanks to Marika and Jan for taking us flying. It was incredibly awesome and we can’t wait to do it again!

    • Great to hear, Rick.
      I am pleased to hear Marika and Jan have looked after you well.
      Maybe you want to try the hang gliding next time you are in town.
      Hope you enjoyed the rest of your travels throughout NZ.
      Gitti Tapper

  4. Had an amazing day with your team today. Great fun, very professional, fantastic photos. Will be recommending. Cheers Rhia & Ashley

  5. Hello guys

    Me an my friend will be traveling to New Zealand end of this year. This is a first time for her to go traveling and I would like to make it an amazing experience for her. I know paragliding is all depending on weather. But it will be even more difficult for us as my friend is full time wheelchair user. I know how amazing you guys are as I did paragliding with you 2014. I was wondering if there is any possibility for you to take wheelchair user paragliding.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards Renata

    • Hi Renata,
      We have been taking wheel chair users in the past on our paragliding trips. It will depend on the time of the year though as well as on the body weight of the person in the wheel chair. Best in that situation to call us on freephone 0800 46 7325 or 021826336 to check.
      Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding and Hang gliding

    • Hi Sean,
      We do not have an age limit as such. With paragliding we currently have a minimum of 20kg and a maximum of 110kg. These numbers change throughout the season, so always best to let us know when you arrive. Also important is that we can secure the passenger safely in harnesses – that is specifically important for smaller passengers like kids.
      Hope this helps.
      Regards, Gitti Tapper
      Coronet Peak Tandems

  6. Dan was my paragliding pilot and he was absolutely fantastic! Worth every penny! I almost didn’t sign up but am so glad I did!!! Thanks Dan, you were great!

  7. Amazing! This was my second time paragliding. The view from Coronet Peak during Winter was spectacular and the flight down such a peaceful way to see the sights. Tony was a brilliant pilot who made my birthday so special. He got my friends and the other pilots to sing happy birthday on top of Coronet Peak and recorded it on my video which will be a special memory keepsake for years to come. My video and pictures were so good. Thank you Tony.

  8. Fantastic company and amazing crew! My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our Paragliding experience. Every staff member was friendly and efficient. Our instructors were Dano and Keith, who were absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend them! I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

  9. On the very top of my bucket list was to hangglide one day at home in Oz. Today I went one better and went paragliding over Queenstown, one of the most beautiful places on earth. The guys that run the show are an awesome bunch, Daniel, my pilot, was an absolute legend and made the whole experience just that much easier, especially to suck up the courage to jump. Being up there was one of the most surreal and mind blowing things I’ve ever done. And when it came time to do a few high G loops and spins… @#%&#%& ! The biggest buzz of my life. Hands down.
    Didn’t even know I could pull those faces until I saw the video!
    Anyone contemplating whether or not to do it… Suck it up, get up there, and get ready to feel alive. Could even be the life changing buzz you’ve been looking for.

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