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With Paragliding you are in a sitting position and with Hang Gliding you are in a prone, facing down position. Both activities are a lot of fun. Give it a go! Why not try both in a combo!?

Bring some good footwear (summer: running shoes or tramping boots, winter: boots with a sturdy sole), something that can give you good ankle support, as you are required to do a short run on take off. Also bring warm clothing. You can leave belongings in the van which will meet you again at the landing site.

Allow about 2 hours in summer and 2 1/2 hours in winter for the round trip – that is from the time we pick you up to the time you will be back in Queenstown. For Combos allow 3-4 hours.

We fly from the highest take off point in Queenstown, Coronet Peak. The average flight time in summer on the parglider is 12-15 mins, on the hang glider 10-12 mins. For our winter tandem flights off the summit of Coronet Peak we are averaging 15-20 mins. We rely on Mother Nature, so it can vary quite a bit, sometimes the flights are longer than the average, sometimes a bit shorter.

Yes. The minimum weight for a passenger on a paraglider is 20 kg, the maximum is 110kg. For hang gliding the minimum weight we can carry is 20 kg and the maximum is 90kg from October to March and 80kg from April to September.(Conditions apply and weight restrictions may vary throughout the year).
No refund given if exceeding the maximum passenger weight.
Maximum and minimum weight is made up by body weight plus clothing and shoes on the day. 

We provide free transport from Queenstown to Coronet Peak and back. In winter you will need to allow an extra $30 for a ride up on the chair lifts at Coronet Peak to access our snow launch sites.

We pick up from outside the Cardrona Shop, 37 Camp Street,  in Queenstown.

You will need to weather check with us half an hour before departure time on freephone 0800 46 7325 (0800 GO PEAK) or 021 826336 (021 TANDEM). If we can’t fly due to the weather conditions we will try and accommodate you at another time/day.
As our activities are weather dependent, we would recommend to book your paragliding/hang gliding experience earlier during your stay in Queenstown rather than later. That way you have got a greater chance of flying.

If the trip has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, there are no cancellation fees. However, if you cancel your trip within 48hr of departure, there is a 20% cancellation fee applicable. Cancellations within an hour of departure require a 50% cancellation fee.
No refund is given, if customer is not turning up on time for departure of the trip.
A change of booking fee of NZ$50 per person will apply.
No refund given if you exceed the maximum passenger weight.

We’d love you to bring a friend along to watch as long as we have got room in the van. There is a small charge of NZ$20 per spectators.

It is a no go for cameras for the hang gliding, I am afraid. You can bring your little action camera on your paragliding flight as long as it is mounted on a chest harness. Big SLR cameras are a no go as well.

It is important for all customers to declare any of the below medical conditions. Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from doing our activities.
– Pregnancy
– Heart Condition
– Recent Sprains or Muscular injuries
– Panic/Anxiety Attacks
– High/low Blood Pressure
– Bone Disorders
– Fragile Skin
– Dislocations
– Diabetes
– Epilepsy
– Prosthetics
– Neurological Disorders
– Disabilities
– Physical Impairment
– Motionsickness

Yes. Photos and videos are available.

Chose and INSTRUCTIONAL flight option with either hang gliding or paragliding if you want to have a go at flying a glider. With paragliding you can add on the Instructional component during the booking process to either our Main Take off or the Higher Take off. Instructional Hang gliding is set up as a product itself.

We welcome all questions, if you cannot find an answer to your question above, please use the form below or simply get in touch.

Tandem Para gliding

Prices from $205 nzd
All year

Tandem Hang Gliding

Prices from $215 nzd
Sept till April

Tandem PG & HG Combo

Prices from $409* nzd
Sept till April